Why can Social Networking not be ignored?

Posted on: May 28th, 2012 by admin No Comments

With the advent of web 2.0, social networking has become the latest buzzword on the Internet these days. It is impossible to find someone who is not onto one of the social networks like orkut, facebook, linkedIn or twitter. While each of these are slightly different based on the manner in which they operate and the overall objective of the social network, the one thing that is common is that these social networks allow people to create individual and personal content online and interact with various other people easily.

You might wonder how businesses and Internet marketers can utilize this platform to be able to communicate with their target audience when it a a place where people with similar interest come to share views.

Well, the fact is that these social networks can be used to create sub groups or sub communities that interact with each other on a topic of their interest. For example a skin case company can launch a facebook page that updates content regularly. This is obviously likely to be content that is related to skin care, looking good and the latest fashion. When people interested in this are interact with this page, not only do they get to see great content posted by your company experts but also get to engage with other people with the same interests.

There are many people who are fairly apprehensive of social marketing because they worry about the freedom that it gives dissatisfied customers to post negative comments and feedback on the page. While this is a genuine concern, hiding behind this and avoiding the use of social network marketing is also like committing suicide in this age.

It is obviously better to understand how the negative comments can be avoided or managed when they do appear. Companies that are adept in managing social networking sites adopt a dual strategy to handle these issues. On the one hand they ensure that their products and services are above par, thereby reducing disgruntled customers. And on the other, they use diplomatic and strategic means by which they can handle the grudges of those who have had issues. Even regular customers understand that it is impossible to have 100 percent satisfied customers all the time. And so if you manage those issues well, there should be no cause of concern.

Being on social networks also allows you access to unbiased and true feedback from genuine customers as well. Feedback, that has not been manipulated by interested parties along the way!

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