What a Blog can do for your Business

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Even though the blogging boom has picked up momentum a few years back, the term weblog was coined by John Barger in 1997. A web page that is arranged chronologically and is updated regularly by the blog owner is called a weblog. The blogging mania was more prevalent among individuals who wanted to use the Internet as a medium of self expression. But it was not long before Internet marketers realized that a weblog could be a great Internet marketing tool that companies could use.

A business blog is a tool that companies can use to communicate with their potential and current customers and share knowledge. A blog does not always have to be about a new event or launch that has taken place like in the case of a press release. The content of the blog can be anything ranging from an experience, a piece of information or advice on a particular subject.

What makes blogs extremely interesting is the fact that Web 2.0 allows customers to leave comments and feedback on the blogs, enabling the business to receive feedback on the various articles and blog posts that are uploaded. Some of the benefits of blogging for a business are:

-  Blogging is easy. All that one needs to do is to write down your thoughts and link it to the resource. If your business has a structured website that can accommodate a blog, you could use a page for blogging. Otherwise there are various blog software companies like blogger.com, type pad and more that can be used to get started.

-   Low cost alternative. Small businesses that cannot afford to create large websites and maintain the hosting fee can blog to make their presence felt in the virtual world. Blogs are a great way in which to start becoming present on the Internet and creating awareness for your business.

Some of the most popular business blogs that are being used today include gizmodo, research buzz, joel on software, Jupiter research, loosetoth and macromedia. You could choose any of these and get started with your blog almost immediately. You shall be able to pick up the ropes as you move along.

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