Website Redesign

Website Redesigning is more complex than the new design as we need to work on the existing structure without affecting the functionality of the website and still giving it a killer touch. The boundaries are set here and we need to execute with available options. We at Customer Solutionz understand this better than anyone else and try to work on these lines.

Our Design team would work on the existing site and try hard to give a different look without affecting the structure of the website. We at Customer Solutionz understand that the client might opt for redesign for several reasons. The website might not produce the result in terms of sales as he would have expected or the navigation of the website could be poor. It could be the fact that the visitors might not have pleasing experience or they get confused with the existing structure.

We understand that website redesign is all about giving complete makeover which should result in improved performance of the site and our design team would work with the client closely to produce the best output.