Contact management

(Maintain Database & Generate Mailings)
Integrating Efficient Solutions

Coordinating and integrating web based contact management applications, Customer Solutionz leads the way to systemize contact information with a software program for ease of use with Contact Management. Organizing a sophisticated module that would enable users of any category to store, communicate and find contacts or information, Contact Management includes maintaining databases and generating mailings. Taking an integrated approach to Contact Management, Customer Solutionz offers a dynamic contact-centric way to tracking communication activities and information of contacts. As a boon to organizations and individuals, the skilled team at Customer Solutionz gives their clients convenience with Contact Management where they can store, share and systemize history, contact notes, email in, email out, email templates, list mailer, communications, To Dos, calendar sharing, generate reports, integrate a sales funnel and access a host of other services related to Contact Management.