Social Media Marketing


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Branding has been a buzzword in the business world for as long as you can think. With the changes that one is observing in technology, it has become extremely important to have online presence as well. Online branding is essential even if you are not involved in ecommerce.

Social media marketing is considered as one of the latest techniques that companies are using as part of their Integrated Brand Communications. It is a process in which companies create interesting content about their brand that attracts attention, induces conversation around the brand and then encourages them to share it with other friends and people in their network. In a manner of speaking it is word of mouth branding that has been taken on to the Internet. While it is possible to monitor some aspects of social media marketing, there is always likely to be some element of it that happens in a manner that does not lend itself to monitoring.

Social media marketing involves creating a brand presence on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Orkut, MySpace and more. The first step is to create a brand page that details all the information that you would want to give your potential customers. Make sure that you add in details about your products or services and then manner in which they are unique from the rest.

Once you have created an interesting site, you cannot just leave the social networking page unattended. This needs constant care in the form of updated content if you want a higher number of people who follow you (on twitter) or become your fan (on facebook). In addition to that the content that you post has to be attention grabbing. It has been shown in studies that the attention span of people surfing the Internet is lower than any other media. You probably have a few seconds in which to grab the attention of a visitor and take them through what you want to communicate.

To top it all, if the content is interesting and unique you can hope that they will share it with other friends multiplying your efforts manifold.

Customer Solutionz is your one stop shop for everything that you need to put your brand online. So even if you are a business that is currently offline, we can help you create and design a website, host it and also market the website online so that it ranks among the top.

Not only do we help you understand the nuances of online branding and marketing, we can propose a comprehensive marketing plan for your needs so that once the plan is approved, all that you need to do is sit back and see the visibility of products and services grow.

In case you already have a presence on the Internet, we will evaluate your site and increase you’re your visibility by ensuring organic search engine optimization and various other online marketing techniques. Our experts at Customer Solutionz understand the manner in which search engines operate and the behavior of internet users. We will use this expertise of our team and get your web site maximum visibility.

Whether it is article marketing, blogging, content creation, keyword finalization, link building, forum creating and management, social networking or search engine submissions, Customer Solutionz has the expertise to aid in the implementation of all kinds of Internet marketing techniques.

So whether you want to extend an existing campaign, take your offline business online, augment your online presence or create a larger base of customers, Customer Solutionz is the company for you.