Online SEO

S.No. Online SEO
Site Related Process
1 Site General Analysis
2 SEO Analysis/ Report
3 Keyword Research & Analysis
4 Competitor Research & Analysis
5 Content analysis / Report
6 Ranking Analysis
7 SE emulation (Broken Link Analysis)
On-Page Optimization
1 Page Optimization/Redevelopment

1. Site Related Process

1.1 Site General Analysis:

Our search engine optimization analysis will give you a comprehensive evaluation of where your website optimization efforts currently stand. Our team of search engine optimization experts will analyze crucial statistical website optimization data to ascertain what is standing in the way of you reaching your full online potential. An Analysis of following parameters are done and reported

1 Domain name
2 Domain Age
3 Domain Provider
4 Server Type
5 Hosting Provider
6 IP Range
7 Reverse IP Check
8 Uptime / Downtime Check
9 Current PR
10 Search Engine Indexed Pages
11 Way Back Machine Index data

1.2 SEO Analysis/ Report:

Our SEO analysis report is prepared after careful consideration of different aspects of your existing website. It’s our opportunity to look under the hood and see what’s working effectively.

SEO Report
1 Search Engine Ranking Score
2 Keyword use in document title
3 Global link popularity of web site
4 Link texts of inbound links
5 Keyword use in body text
6 Age of web site
7 Keyword use in H1 headline texts
8 Keyword use in domain name
9 Keyword use in page URL
10 Links from social networks
11 Server speed
12 Keyword use in H2-H6 headline texts
13 Keyword use in IMG ALT attributes
14 Top level domain of web site
15 Keyword use in bold body text
16 Number of visitors to the site
17 Keyword use in same domain link texts
18 Keyword use in outbound link texts
19 Keyword use in same domain link URLs
20 Keyword use in outbound link URLs
21 Keyword use in meta description
22 HTML validation of web page to W3C standards
23 Readability level of web page
24 Keyword use in meta keywords
25 Keyword use in HTML comments
26 Search engine compatibility

1.3 Keyword Research and Analysis:

Before you can start to optimize your web pages, you have to find the keywords for which you want to be listed. The first keywords that you think of might not be the best keywords that lead to the most sales. Keyword research is done on various Search Parameters and also with advertiser pattern involved.

  • Spy on your competition to get suggestions on the keywords related to your business, and build a list of the keywords you might be using for optimization.
  • Narrow the keyword list by removing the terms that are not searched often enough or turn to be too much competitive.
  • Get an idea of your potential keyword niche by studying your rivals that compete for your keywords at different SEs, both major SEs and local ones.

Based on the above factors we prepare a comprehensive list of performing keywords and keyword phrases for your website.

1.4 Competitor Research & Analysis:

  • Analyze your competition thoroughly to weight your chances of being top-ranked for the chosen keywords/phrases.
  • Also understand how top ranked competitor has used Authority sites and back link building strategies

By using the above patterns we plan our link building strategy later.

1.5 Content analysis / Report:

The information available in this part of the optimization report includes:

  • Analysis of general page properties (size, presence of small or hidden text, etc)
  • Analysis of on-the-page factors influencing your search engine rankings (keyword frequency, prominence, weight in different page areas, etc.)
  • Complete Page properties are analyzed with percentage repetitions and KEI values based presence etc.

Based on the analysis a decision is arrived if on-page optimization is required or if the page is well optimized for the chosen set of keywords.

1.6 Ranking Analysis:

Find out the current positions of your site with keywords in search engine results pages so that you can see the effect of your optimizations and check your site’s progress over time. Also, track your and your competitors’ pages getting indexed by the search engines and watch your ranking score.

A complete analysis of Back links, inbound, outbound and ranking parameters in Google, Alexa and various other SE’s are monitored and reported back.

Ranking Score is a figure summarizing site’s performance on a multitude of search engines. It is your position on each search engine that counts, as well as this particular engine’s weight. For instance, 10th position on Google as one of the most popular world engines can add more to your ranking score than, for instance, the 3rd place on the ‘Infospace’ search engine.

1.7 Broken Link Analysis:

It is not enough to attract visitors to your site. You should also make sure they do not leave straight away. Studies have shown that nearly a third of people do not return because of usability and quality issues. We analyze your site for broken links and report it back to you for correction and remedial action.

On-Page Optimization:

In search engine optimization, on-page optimization refers to factors that have an effect on your Web site or Web page listing in natural search results. These factors are controlled by you or by coding on your page. Examples of on-page optimization include actual HTML code, Meta tags, keyword placement and keyword density

2.1 Page Optimization/Redevelopment

Our team will do everything that is necessary to make your website search engine friendly. Your website will be redeveloped completely to ensure seamless integration of the new, optimized content to your website. In this process the entire website will be subjected revision – the architecture, graphic text, Meta tags, alt tags, internal linking pattern and the sub-pages will be modified to the necessary extent. In all these we will ensure not to disturb the design integrity and the essence of the website. We will employ only SEO techniques that are ethically sound.