Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription has been widely accepted as secure online service and thanks to available technology & solutions in the Market. As a Medical transcription service provider, Customer Solutionz offers top-quality, professional medical transcription service to health care providers. We offer accurate, secure, TAT-guaranteed, HIPAA-compliant medical typing. There are so many features that make our medical transcription services the right choice for your medical transcription needs.

Customer Solutionz, works as an end-to-end solution provider and cater for its clients all over the world. , We provide the most advanced and flexible medical transcription services out there in the Market. With more than 10 years of experience as our great asset and with the support of state-of-the art office facility functions, we ensure that TAT is taken care and also provide high quality services.

Our team is technology-savvy, highly skilled, and well experienced and we use innovative technology. We at Customer Solutionz, relentlessly endeavour to maintain accuracy and security.

Most Important we comply with HIPAA regulations and assure secure Internet transfer of voice files and document files related to medical transcription. Our endeavour is to safeguard client data and information with the use of HIPAA complaint communication protocols in medical transcription.

Our software professionals work with our medical language specialists, medical record professionals, and practicing physicians to design and develop innovative and efficient voice recording and document delivery methods.

Our Medical Transcription Services include:

12 Hrs turnaround time.
99% accurate and secure medical transcription service with HIPAA compliance,
Desktop PC, Tablet PC and Pocket PC PDA based dictation applications.
Support for a variety of hand held digital recorders.
24X7 customer support,
Interface to DVI, Dictaphone, Lanier, Crescendo and BCB phone-in systems.
HL-7 interface to HIS, CIS and EMR,
Competitive pricing.

Our present services include Radiology dictation service, Cardiology dictation service, Orthopedic dictation service, Sports Medicine dictation service, Physical Therapy dictation service, Internal Medicine dictation service, Family Practice dictation service, Hematology/Oncology dictation services, Radiation Oncology dictation services, Psychiatry dictation service, ENT dictation services, and Ophthalmology dictation service.

For hospitals and nursing homes, we type admission notes, H&P, surgical reports, discharge summaries, emergency room reports and acute care reports.