Proximity Cards

Convenient and Specialized Access

Sophisticated and unique, Proximity Cards are customized and made on demand according to requirement in two designs such as Vertical and Horizontal cards. Based on the data and design, Proximity Cards have the capability of being printed on a single side or on both sides. Corporate and business houses utilize the Proximity Cards where employees can gain easy access to various building in different locations. Specialized and distinct, the Proximity card can be swiped before a reader which in turn reads the card which can open doors and any other devices. As a specialized card, Proximity Cards can be made contact less/contact with a built-in chip for Visitor Control, for opening the Room Door in Hotels, to Permit Entry, as an Attendance Monitor, Lift Operation or for Payment Systems. Contactless cards have the latest technology with 13.56 MHz RFID cards while the older version has 125 kHz design. Backed by resonant inductive coupling via an LC circuit, the latest Proximity Cards follow the proximity card standard ISO/IEC 14443 with a range of 0 to 8 cm or 0 to 3 inches for reading with a lower level for writing. This allows for convenience which includes a low price and an application that can be used in daily life with devices such as public transit fare cards, keycards and identification cards.