Dragon Cards

Value-Added Options

Offering professionalism and innovation, Dragon Cards showcase quality and value-added options with magnetic stripes, personalization and barcodes that make them an attractive concept besides leveraging customer loyalty.

dragon cards

Made from Dragon Sheets or instant PVC sheets, Dragon Cards as intelligent Smart Cards offer a range of options such as Privilege Cards, Loyalty Cards, Club Membership Cards, Baggage or Luggage Tags, Promotional Cards, Gift Cards, Discount Cards, Guaranty Cards, Key Cards For Hotel, Dining Cards, Membership Cards and various similar purposes. Adhering to international quality standards, Dragon Cards can be used at Gyms, Car Dealerships, Restaurants, Gym outlets, online stores, besides being used by Corporate houses, Schools, Colleges and other such institutions. Using a Plastic card as a base stiffener, hot laminated with PVC pouch and printed on a specially coated transparent sheet with an Inkjet Printer, Dragon Cards are competitively priced and being less durable as compared to other cards can be printed ideally in smaller quantities. As a card that can be used in everyday life, Dragon Cards can be customized with high resolution photo quality using instant PVC card material that allows for easy and quick manufacture ensuring quick delivery.