Digital Laser Cards

Discover Security and Versatility

Digital Laser Cards are PIN and Chip enabled with ease of use besides being fast and safe as the user does not need to carry a large amount of money. Utilized at retail stores, ATMs, on the internet and by telephone, Digital Laser Cards are handy and secure with the distinction of being versatile with an all-purpose nature that is suitable for Clubs, Schools, Colleges, Companies and an alternative for paper transactions.

Digital Laser cards for printing

Being convenient and cost-effective, Digital Laser Cards save time and energy offering an efficient way to handle money. Designed for speed and quality, Digital Laser Cards stand out for its depth of marking as Laser is mainly an electronic point of sale debit card and can be used on metals and plastics. With durability and waterproof quality, Digital Laser Cards are printed on specialized synthetic sheets using 250 Micron pouches and hot lamination. Resourceful and advantageous, Digital Laser Cards are the answer to a permanent marking solution for a range of applications with the laser marking barcodes, logos, alphanumeric text, 2D machine-readable codes and symbols.