Card Holders / Lanyards / Clips & Hooks

Customized and Convenient Accessories

With an attractive and secure touch, Lanyards, Clip Holders, Hooks and Clips have not only be useful for safety of identification but also for display. Offering a range of designs and colors, Card Holders, Lanyards and Clips showcase double cards, single, Proximity Cards and ID Cards from which corporate houses, schools, colleges and institutions can select evolving from a width of 10.0mm to 30.0mm wide. The Lanyards can be tubular or flat made from various materials while Clips can be chosen to suit the requirement made from material such as steel, plastic and other suitable materials. Based on the types of holders, the prices will vary according to the material of choice. As a popular, simple and secure medium to carry identification cards, Lanyards can be worn on the waist, arm, neck or wrist as an identification card holder and can be blank, custom printed, plain, non printed, wristband, safety breakaway lanyards for universities, schools, corporate houses, government offices, trade shows, military, factory workers, conventions, hospitality staff, visitors to conventions and many other events or meetings.