Image Capturing & Processing

Securing Customized Solutions

Presenting an interesting, intelligent and intriguing platform for Image Capturing and Processing, Customer Solutionz opens out the benefits of an offshore outsourcing company with application systems. Evolving over three standards for Image Capturing & Processing, the company deploys structured, semi-structured and unstructured methods for data capture. Useful for CRM, ERP and other enterprise information systems, Customer Solutionz uses the skill of highly trained personnel to collect information and store it into databases. With technologies deployed in Image Capturing and Processing, the company offers their expert services with BCR or business cards recognition, ICR or hand-printed text recognition, OBR or barcodes recognition, OCR or printed text recognition and OMR or marks recognition. Ensuring quality with constant upgrading of skills and securing management of drawings and documents, Customer Solutionz offers solutions tailored to meet various demands with dedication and unique know how.