Business Transcription

Every day, your business might produce large volume of audio and video content through conference calls, investor meetings and presentations. We understand that these meetings and calls are important as they often represent various key factors such as financial data, development of new business strategies and competitive strategies. We understand that the above mentioned information needs to be handled with care and the output should be of top notch quality. We at Customer Solutionz make this happen by using our well trained and experienced professionals and also guarantee the confidentiality of data.

Our transcription specialists are well trained to ensure the highest levels of quality and accuracy and ensure that your business adjectives are protected at all times. We believe in three important thongs with regards to transcription and they are Security, quality, and quick turnaround time. The above mentioned key factors are vital components of our business model that ensures you always receive exactly what you needed.

List of Business Transcription Services

Video or Audio Webcasts of Quarterly Earnings Calls.
Analysts Calls.
Investor Conferences.
Product Launch Conferences.
Focus Groups.
Educational Institutional Requirements.
Classroom Lectures/Guest lectures.
School/college projects/reports/dissertations.
Interviews be it one-on-one or multiple speakers.
Police – interviews etc.
Lawyers – legal depositions, client meetings, letters etc.
Doctors – medical transcription, lectures, books or anything related to medicine.
Radio/TV shows.
Board meetings/annual general meetings/reports.
Panel discussions.
Consumer Forums.
Telephone conversations.
Press meetings/media.
Trade shows/market research.
Technical reports – especially medical and IT related.
Worker’s Compensation.